Muthing MU-Collect Vario

Muthing Collect Vario

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Standard Equipment

  • Made of High Quality fine-grain QSt/E steel for front mounting with optimized housing contour for maximum efficiency during both collecting and mulching.
  • Central low-mounted gear box with freewheel for 2000 rpm input speed
  • Central discharge, nominal dia. 220 mm
  • A shared V-belt drive for the rotor and collecting augur prevents operating errors and provides reliable overload protection
  • V-belt protection with inspection opening for belt tension and fast reversing of auger
  • Carbide M-shackle flail
  • Smooth-running rotor with specially formed tool holders arranged in a spiral pattern
  • Screw-type short chopping bar system “Shark fin” design – a Müthing patent
  • Wear insert in housing (factory mounted)
  • Insertable crop flow flap for mulching without collecting
  • Collecting augur with blockage protection for full delivery hose
  • Hardox wear runners, screw-type
  • Highly tempered spring steel flaps with swing protection
  • PTO shaft with hardened inner tube and cap bottom lubrication
  • Strong, height adjustable support wheels, 360º swivel in front of the flail (Ø ca. 235 mm height and ca 80 mm wide) as shown


  • Two-point mount for support arms of carrier vehicles
  • Quick-coupling triangle, Cat. 0 Quick-coupling triangle, Cat. 1N
  • Discharge to the right, nominal dia. 200 mm (only on MU-COLLECT 160 Vario)
  • M-scoop blade for fine cutting (CE mark only)
  • Adjustable Vario cutting bar for adjusting the shredding rate
  • Short-cut flap for optimal work results on demanding surfaces
  • MU-SOFA® weight transfer system, recommended for front-mounted equipment
  • Forward-mounted “BEEHAPPY” insect rescuer
  • Operating hours counter
Technical Specifications
MU-Collect Vario | MU-Collect Vario Hydro 140 160
Working width (cm) 140 160
Total width (cm) 162 182
Max. tractor hp 2000 rpm 40 40
Weight (kg) 223 244
Number of carbide M-shackle flails 24 28


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