Muthing MU-SOFA Weight Transfer Kit

Muthing MU-SOFA Weight Transfer Kit

Hydraulic Weight Transfer for Front Mounted Flails

The hydraulic weight transfer” MU-SOFA” by Müthing stands for:

  • S = Safety during transport and work
  • O = Optimisation of traction (tractor) and weight of the attachment
  • F = Flotation of the Flail Mower during transport and work
  • A = Adjustment continuously of the Flail to various ground conditions

The Müthing MU-SOFA can be installed into all known hydraulic systems of existing front hydraulic 3 point linkages.

Installation time is about 4 hours.

The hydraulic kit is designed to:

  • Help the steering capability of tractors in work with front mounted attachments
  • To reduce bouncing during transport.
  • To optimize perfect contour following giving an even and high quality of cut.
  • To reduce Running Costs (bearings, wearing parts etc.)
  • To save expensive accessories (e.g. front mounted wheels).



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