Reform Metrac H75

Versatile. Safe. Comfortable. Efficient.

Improving a tried and tested product even further is always a special challenge. Why did it work so well for the new Metrac H75? The design engineering centred fully on customer requirements. This resulted in a vehicle with an uncompromising focus on the following properties:

  • Versatile 
  • Safe 
  • Comfortable 
  • User-friendly
  • Economical 
  • Environmentally friendly

The benefits at a glance

Hydrostatic drive with electronic control

  • 2 speed ranges
  • 2 terrain gear reductions
  • Foot and hand driving modes

Common rail diesel engine from Perkins

  • 75 hp/55.2 kW power
  • 300 Nm torque
  • 2,800 cm³ displacement

Newly designed all-terrain chassis

  • 4 wheel drive
  • 4 wheel steering system
  • 5 steering modes

Powerful working hydraulics for front and rear

  • Constant pump (variable pump optional)
  • Standard weight compensation
  • 1,500 kg lifting force

Experience the transformation

Discover the advantages

Live presentation REFORM Metrac H75

Metrac H75 Metrac H75 Pro
Power 55.2 kW / 75 hp 55.2 kW / 75 hp
Dead weight from 2,500kg from 2,650kg
Wheelbase 2,150mm 2,150mm



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