Shibaura CM374 Out Front Mower

Shibaura CM374

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New High Speed 24.5 kph

The Shibaura CM range is the only unit that has a dedicated full-length ladder frame chassis giving it a very robust build.

Now rated at 20 degrees with a flail or a rotary across a slope.

Engine The 36hp 3 cylinder Perkins diesel engines are mounted on rubber blocks that reduce vibration. Emissions meets EU and US controls. All service points are located on one side of the engine to speed servicing and a large tilting bonnet gives excellent access. The radiator is mounted at the front of the engine and behind the seat to aid cooling when using rear discharge decks.
Transmission Two range hydrostatic (high and low) gives greater control and develops more torque for hill climbing and mowing. The tractor is fitted with automatic 4WD so when the front wheels slip it engages the rear axle, 4WD can also be locked in permanently. The front axle has a lockable differential if required. The PTO is operated by a wet multi plate clutch drive which means that high inertia machines can be gradually started with minimum of drive line stress.
Steering Full power steering to the large diameter rear wheels.
Hydraulics Attachment by two quick releasing pins to lift arms powered by single charge pump. The lift arms are chassis mounted thus minimising stress to axle and gearbox housings. Variable weight transfer is fitted which enables the tractor to take some or all of the weight of the implement whilst in the float mowing position. This has two functions firstly to smooth out rough mowing and secondly to increase traction by transferring weight to the primary driving wheels.
Cutter deck There is a huge range of after market attachments available. Shibaura manufacture 60″ and 72″ 3 blade side discharge decks which can be converted to rear. There is also an excellent 600L high tip collection system available that makes good use of 35hp.
Driver comfort Fully adjustable seat with foldable arm rests, cruise control, clear floor foot – plate and foldable ROPS with lap belt ensure day long operation in comfort.
  • Cab
  • Collection systems
  • Flail mower
  • Brush
  • Snow plough
  • Length 2415 mmWidth 1370 mm
  • Weight 750 kgs


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