Reform Launch Four New Models

Reform Werke has introduced four new utility vehicles: the Metrac H60, H70, and H95, as well as the Boki H140 implement carrier for the municipal sector.

The new Metrac hydrostatic drive, all wheel steering, H60 (61hp) and H70 (75hp) models are compact all-rounders for the UK market, powered by Perkins exhaust stage 5 common-rail diesel engines. Powerful front and rear linkages (each with 1,500 kg lifting capability) enable considerable adaptability in all seasons, delivering performance, safety, and turf protection over all terrain, including slopes of up to 45 degrees. With all-around visibility, noise insulation, heating and air conditioning, and comfort chairs with armrests on both sides, operator comfort is a top priority. All critical vehicle components, including the cooling system, engine, electronics, and fresh air intake, are quickly and easily accessible for ease of maintenance.

The new 95hp Perkins stage 5 common-rail diesel engine powered H95hp model is a powerful addition to the series, combining safety and comfort and based on the successful Metrac H75. A torque of 410 Nm delivers enough power in all driving and working circumstances, and the comfortable hydrostatic drive assures maximum safety, especially on slopes.
The extended wheelbase improves stability and ground-hugging, while the driver’s cab is comfortable and easy to use. The “pro” version of the new Metrac H95 includes automatic air conditioning, a high-quality extra “R-Guide” display, cruise control with limiter function, and automatic linkage as standard.

“With a compact width of just 1.400 mm, the highly manoeuvrable all wheel steer Boki H140 enables local authorities a year-round tool carrier,” explains Simon Richard, UK Agent for the Reform range. It can be outfitted with a variety of municipal instruments, including a tipper body, snow plough, blowers, and various mowing systems. Among the most popular applications are roll-off and set-down containers, suction containers, spreaders, and cutter bars.

Reform H75
REFORM Boki H140
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